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The Aztec Advantage

Quality and Direct Sourcing, Product/Consumer Knowledge is What We Offer.

The Hispanic population is the fastest growing in the nationĀ­ and growth is expected to continue at a strong pace for the foreseeable future. The Seattle/Tacoma area is among those growing. With a 51% increase between 2000-2008 (from with 235,400 to 355,403) and an expected growth of 8.29% by the year 2013 to 402,893, there is a great demand for more ethnic foods. Until now, Hispanic produce has been available in the Pacfic Northwest,, but has lacked variety and affordable pricing. Aztec imports is the answer to that problem.

No other produce company in Washington is able to provide a competitive and extensive produce line that will appeal to the Hispanic consumer needs.

Direct sourcing, product/consumer knowledge, and grower/shipper relations are what we offer.