Aztec Imports Seattle / Tacoma  Wholesale  Hispanic Produce

Understanding Culture, Knowledge, and Traditions in the Produce Industry.
Aztec Imports is Your Expert in Hispanic Produce.

  • tomatilloLonger Shelf Life

    Because there's no middle man and no unneccesary storage facilities. Your produce arrives fresh from the farm. That means a longer shelf life for you, and happier customers. .

  • Minimize Extra Costs

    Choosing Aztec Imports helps elliminate unnecesary costs. We are your source and your distributor in one convenient package!.

  • Our Growers; Your Direct Source

    Our existing relationships with the farmers who actually grow the produce means you have a direct link to the source.

  • Marketing Strategies

    With our product knowlege and marketing strategies, we can help you to increase repeat sales.